Book on Citrus Trees

We’re absolutely thrilled to know that one of our avid gardeners, Madison Pierce has published a book on “How To Successfully Grow & Garden Citrus Fruit Trees Using Pots & Containers” and is now available on Amazon.

In the pages of this book, you will learn all about the needs of a citrus tree, including requirements for light, humidity, fertilizer, water, air circulation, pests, diseases, and how to identify what’s wrong with a tree when it’s not thriving.

In Successfully Grow & Garden Citrus Fruit Trees Using Pots and Containers, you will learn the following:

  • Choosing the right citrus tree for you
  • Selecting the correct pots and containers
  • Planting requirements and tips
  • Tips for potted citrus trees (how to make your tree thrive) 
  • Tree-specific care instructions
  • Common pests and diseases and how to treat them
  • Transplanting a potted citrus tree into the garden

And a bonus chapter on How to Espalier!

Don’t waste any more time to get started with your very own potted citrus orchard. Grab a copy of Successfully Grow & Garden Citrus Fruit Trees Using Pots and Containers to learn everything you need to get to work today!

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